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    African-Artist Akon Slanders American Performers And Calls Them Trash

    As a whole, Black people have to gate-keep the culture more. If we don’t, people like Akon will continue to profit from it and not pay their respects. In a recent interview, Akon took a fat dump on American performers. Essentially, he said you can’t even compare them to African performers, as they are superior in every aspect.

    How Contradictory

    I truly hope that Akon doesn’t think of himself as some legendary performer. I have never heard anyone mention they want to see him perform or even looking forward to a performance of his. This is the same man who used his brother as a body double for multiple live performances. Do you know how mad I’d be if I went to see Akon in concert and it was actually his brother performing? I think it is quite the contradiction, especially coming from him.

    I can’t believe no one is addressing the elephant in the room. You can’t even compare the two, because Africa is an entire continent and the USA is a country. But if we are comparing, here are the facts. There has never been an African Michael Jackson, Beyonce, or even Stevie Wonder. It feels as if Africans have to constantly compare themselves to Americans because they know we’re the standard.


    In fact, one could say that Akon’s entire career is him imitating Black American culture. He didn’t get popular because he embraced African culture. But he made it by cosplaying as Black Americans.

    In conclusion, don’t give this headline any more attention than it deserves. This is just more nonsense to divide Black people.


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