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    Adrian Peterson Hates Damar Hamlin’s “Travis Jesus” Jacket at the Super Bowl

    Many NFL fans were happy to see Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin in attendance at Super Bowl LVII, a month after he suffered a cardiac arrest on the field. But not everyone was impressed by the way he chose to dress on Sunday.

    Former running back Adrian Peterson ripped Hamlin for wearing what he called a “disrespectful” jacket to the big game.

    Here’s a better view of Damar Hamlin’s blasphemous jacket.

    Our prayers might have saved his life, but apparently not his soul.

    — Stew Peters (@realstewpeters) February 13, 2023

    It’s disrespectful

    Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was in the Super Bowl this year, but he received backlash for his choice of clothing. The 24-year-old wore a $3,150 Takashi Murakami jacket that features an emblazoned crucifix and modified Jesus heads, and former NFL running back Adrian Peterson isn’t happy about it.

    TMZ reports that Peterson took to social media to voice his disapproval of the jacket, which is from Takashi Murakami, Yuta Hosokawa and Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s (c)SAINT M xxxxxx label.

    Stew Peters, a far-right pundit, also shared his opinion on Twitter, calling the “satanic” garment “blasphemous.”

    Before the game, Hamlin was spotted field side and was greeted by Eagles player Miles Sanders. The pair embraced and exchanged hugs. Despite the outpouring of support from the team and fans, Hamlin is still in recovery from his cardiac arrest. He may never play football again, but his recovery is certainly on the upswing. It’s something he and his family are proud of.

    It’s offensive

    Former NFL running back Adrian Peterson doesn’t appreciate Bills safety Damar Hamlin wearing a jacket that depicts Jesus Christ on the cross. Despite a remarkable recovery from a cardiac arrest earlier this season, this fact remains.

    While most people didn’t notice the symbol on the back of Hamlin’s jacket, Peterson was quick to pick up on it. During the Super Bowl, Peterson was on Twitter, expressing his displeasure over Hamlin’s choice of clothing.

    A fan of the former runner posted a screenshot of the tweet and noted that Hamlin was wearing a “satanic” jacket with crucifixes on it. The image also said “eternal” in rainbow colored letters.

    The Christian community has been outraged over this blasphemous depiction of Jesus on Hamlin’s jacket. Several people have taken to Twitter to share their concerns with the Buffalo Bills star. Many of these users felt that Hamlin was being hypocritical for choosing such a “blasphemous” outfit.

    It’s inappropriate

    While most fans were pleasantly surprised to see Damar Hamlin at Super Bowl LVII, former running back Adrian Peterson didn’t take too kindly to the Bills safety’s wardrobe choice. According to TMZ Sports, Hamlin wore a $3,150 Takashi Murakami “Travis Jesus” jacket with a crucifix that irked Peterson and other people on social media.

    A month after suffering a cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamlin attended the big game in Arizona and helped honor first responders who saved his life. He sat in the stands along with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Donna Kelce, the mother of Travis and Jason Kelce.

    The 24-year-old is currently making a remarkable recovery from his near-death experience and has said that he wants to get back on the field and play football. However, he will never forget what happened on January 2 and will continue to live with his memory forever. That’s why those close to Hamlin want to make it clear that they support him.

    It’s obscene

    While most people were happy to see Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin at the Super Bowl, former NFL running back Adrian Peterson took issue with the way he dressed. Peterson slammed Hamlin’s $3,150 Takashi Murakami “Travis Jesus” jacket with a modified crucifix, and called him out on social media for his choice of clothing.

    After being nearly killed in a game last month, Hamlin has been making a remarkable recovery. He made a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl before the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs matchup.

    Before the game, the NFL honored first responders who helped save Hamlin’s life in January. He joined them on the field, made a heart with his hands, and gave them hugs.

    Hamlin wore the jacket at the Super Bowl to help honor his first responders. But Peterson didn’t appreciate the way he dressed, and he ripped him on Instagram.

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