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    Adjnamedroach Talks New Album, Collaborating With Trick Daddy & Turk, More

    Adjnamedroach, (pronoun: A-Dj-Named-Roach), or Roach for short is a Fort Pierce-born, Miami-bred, now Atlanta recording artist with quite the story to tell. The up and coming artist, who has gained recognition in recent months for his raw and captivating street raps is getting ready to unveil his highly anticipated new album Never Go Back. This album serves as a source of motivation for him reminding him to steer clear of any actions that could land him back behind bars after completing his ten year sentence. We catch up with the up-and-coming artist to discuss his plans for the music industry following recent fame and popularity to get fans familiar with what’s next and why Adjnamedroach is the next best thing in Southern Hip Hop.

    What can you share about your recent releases and the inspiration behind them?

    Sadness and hunger.

    What makes you and your music stand out?

    I express myself authentically, drawing from personal experiences.

    What influenced your music?

    The gritty streets of the southern United States, and my upbringing surrounded by hustlers rather than smooth operators.

    When did you decide to pursue music as a career?

    During my time behind bars.

    What genres of music do you enjoy?

    I listen to a wide range of music, from Tupac to Tame Impala.

    What do you do when you aren’t making music (creative or otherwise) that you are passionate about?

    Surf, Snowboard, Crypto, Real Estate, Hustle.

    Happiness to you is…?

    Money, sex and peace.

    What advice do you have for aspiring musicians starting their journey?

    Keep going.

    Tell us about “Never Go Back”…?

    In July, a new album titled “Never Go Back” will be released, featuring collaborations with Trick Daddy and Turk from The Hot Boys.

    Any last words for the readers?

    Stay free, f*ck the cops, and don’t trust anybody.

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