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    5 of the Best DAW’s to Make a Banger

    One of the questions that all new producers have to face is, “What’s the Best DAW?”

    DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation.

    You probably have heard of the major ones like Logic, FL Studio, Garageband, etc. Here is a list of some of the top DAW’s for the new producers or maybe you just want to switch up your software.

    Logic Pro X

    For the producer that likes to either play their own instruments or have a library complete of sounds, Logic might be for you. Super affordable and easy to use, Logic is one of the more user-friendly DAW’s for someone that is not comfortable with all of the tools that another software might provide.

    It’s not perfect though. It isn’t supported on Windows devices and there is a bit of a learning curve if you want to truly master it. Easy to use but hard to master.

    FL Studios

    Everybody that wants to get into hip hop, trap or anything like that wants to be the best. In that case, FL Studios might be best for you. It is the best software for the producer that just wants to make a lot of fire beats fast.

    It comes with so many plugins that you’ll save money by not having to buy all of those instruments. The only problem is that if you have a Mac, it still has some bugs its got to figure out.



    One of the reigning leaders in the music game for good reason.

    If you are a producer that likes to make electronic music then this is the one for you. With the high-quality built-in plugins, there really is no wonder why so many artists flow to this software. It’s built for easy use and to get what’s in your head and make it tangible.


    best-daws-to-make-a-banger-5If you have a Mac, you have Garageband.

    The best thing about Garageband for new producers is that it is FREE!!

    If you’re looking for a DAW where you can practice on Garageband is definitely the one for you. Don’t get it twisted though. Just because its free doesn’t mean you can’t make the next #1 song in the world. Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Usher’s “Love in this Club” are prime examples.

    Beatmaker 3

    If you’re like me then you need to make music anywhere not just in the studio.

    Beatmaker 3 is great for the producer that is constantly on the move but needs to get their ideas out. Its cheaper than the more common DAW’s out there but it makes for an amazing experience.

    If you don’t know your way around an audio workspace then this might not be the one for you because there is quite a bit of a learning call.


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