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    21 Savage Says Scared People Stay Alive Longer

    In the rap community, most emcees have a reputation to uphold. It’s not too often that they show their vulnerable side. Though, in recent years, that’s all begun to change. More than ever, rappers are telling their heartfelt personal narratives and exposing their soft underbellies. Not only in music are rappers sharing their innermost thoughts, but also in their everyday lives.

    With gun and gang violence taking a toll on the rap community, several emcees have admitted they’re afraid to step outside their doors. Recently, 21 Savage revealed that he’s paranoid 24/7. Even so, he believes his fear keeps him alive moreso than his friends and colleagues.

    21 Savage Will Drive Around the Block Several Times

    21 Savage may be a lot of things, though no one would’ve guessed that he fears the world. During a recent appearance on Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast, the Atlanta rapper admitted he’s paranoid all the time. The “Her Loss” rap star feels as though he’s constantly being watched or spied on. Unfortunately, 21 Savage has witnessed one too many deaths in his lifetime. As a result, those traumatizing memories have stuck with him forever. 

    “I’m scared of everybody, n****a . . . Scared n****as stay alive. ‘Cause I done seen it . . . I been shot. I seen my friend die, in my face, on my birthday. In the car, too,” the Atlanta rapper told Akademiks. The rapper has been a victim and witness of gun violence all his life it seems. It’s no wonder he drives circles around his house before actually going inside. His fear keeps him alive. It’s a sad truth for the rapper, but it’s the very difference between dying and staying alive.

    Takeoff’s Death Weighs On Him

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    In addition, he provided his heartfelt commentary on Takeoff’s murder. Like much of the rap community, 21 Savage doesn’t believe his colleague deserved such a horrific fate. He described the Migos rapper’s death as “the worst one” he’s witnessed in his life.

    Unfortunately, the world of rap isn’t as safely guarded as it should be, given the nature of violence that surrounds it. Hopefully, more measures are taken to ensure the safety and longevity of our black creatives.

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