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    $20 Million for a Bottle of Perfume…Lol, Yeah Right

    Most people look for the cheapest deals on Black Friday, while some have just a little more wiggle room to spend an extra buck or two. Some thousand of miles away, a French company is hoping someone has $20 million dollars worth of wiggle room.

    Morreale Paris, the French company, is selling a bottle of perfume that costs $20 million. For that price, it better smell like Jesus, God, and Prince took a selfie together in a field of red roses. But it probably doesn’t.

    Instead, the bottle is coated with 20,000 diamonds and rubies from Russia, Botswana, Cambodia and Thailand. The bottle itself is made from real  gold– the largest being 10L. Customers can also go smaller in size. Other sizes offered are 5L and 7L.

    Maxime Rancon, creative director, told TMZ ,”Le Monde sur Mesure is an absolute work of art, a true conversational piece, it is the most exclusive and luxurious perfume in the world.”

    But…we can bet money there’s no lines stretching around the block for this one.

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