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    10 things from the trailer, Spider-Man No Way Home

    10 things from the trailer, Spider-Man No Way Home

    No Way Home Trailer

    The wait is over. Now, that the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer has been released, let’s dive into the references, Dr. Strange appearances, and the multiverse.

    10 Things from the Trailer

    Things from the Trailer
    Via Spider-Man No Way Home; Sony with Association with Marvel 10 things from the trailer

    1. New York Sanctum & Dr. Strange on 177 A Bleeker Street.

    New York Sanctum
    Via Spider-Man No Way Home; Sony with Association with Marvel 10 things from the trailer

    First things first,, Peter Parker is seen outside the New York Sanctum after getting the idea to have Dr. Strange to remove his identity from being leaked. Priorly, leaked images show the address beside the door as 177 A Bleeker Street. Thus, confirms the address of the Sanctum in which Dr. Strange is tasked with defending.

    2. Peter Parker Handcuffed to Interrogation Table

    Then, Peter parker is shown arrested shortly after his identity is revealed. During which, Parker is shown handcuffed to table in an interrogation room. There, the DODC or the department of damage control seems to be interrogating him for all the damage done as Spider-man as well as Mysterio’s alleged death.

    3. Box? Pocket Prison? Astral Form

    Astral Form
    Via Spider-Man No Way Home; Sony with Association with Marvel Dr. Strange. 10 things from the trailer

    At one point out on the streets of New York, Dr. Strange is holding some sort of magical Box and he warns Peter about trying to live both lives. As Peter appears to be reaching into the Box, Dr. Strange pushes him and activates Peter’s astral form. But, what is the box and what is being used as? Well, there’s speculation that it could be a pocket prison where multidimesional villians are housed. Or, it could be Peter’s original timeline before he changed the timeline to remove his identity from being leaked. 

    4. Reality Collapses; the Multiverse

    Of course, since Dr. Strange is involved, New York is shown shifting and collapsing in the same manner it did in Dr. Strange’s film as he fights Kaecilius. 

    5. Daily Bugle references

    At the end of Far from Home, J. Jonah Jameson is shown via revealing Spider-man’s identity in Times Square. Now, the media giant is now a dedicated online publication but the Daily bugle van makes a cameo. While, M.J. reads the newspaper about Spider-man, it is the New York Post because Daily Bugle is no longer in print form.  

    6. Devil in disguise Spider-Man Sign

    Via Spider-Man No Way Home; Sony with Association with Marvel 10 things from the trailer

    While, Ned and Peter walk into school, there are students outside with a bunch of different signs. One sign shows Peter/Spider-man half faces with the inscription of Devil in disguise. There has been a number of speculations of what this could be referring to. One, is the obvious Devil reference to DareDevil as Charlie Cox will be reprising his role to appear in this film. Second, it may hint at Mephisto. Yet, only as the storyline of “One More Day.” During which, Peter goes to Dr. Strange urging him to bring back Aunt Mae. Then, his identity is removed form the minds of others. Lastly, the image itself of a half Peter and half Spider-Man face references Spider-Man #352.

    7. No Way Home Villians

    While, we have known about the No Way Home villians from some time now, it’s still cool to see them in a Tom Holland Spider-man film.

    Reprised villian roles in Tom Holland’s Spider-man No Way Home. Alfred Molina will undergo dealing via computer technology to play Doc Oct.
    Sony/ Marvel

    First, Doc Ock appears and he utters the chilling, “Hello Peter” line. Secondly, Electro has been confirmed and while his appearance isn not totally discernable in the trailer, lightning has been seen throughout the trailer hinting at Jaime Foxx’s Electro. Even smaller references is the Lizard. And while Sandman hasn’t been confirmed, sandstorms have been seen throughout the trailer hinting at his inclusion. But, will we get Thomas Haden Church reprisal or will the rumormill pushing John Cena be more accurate? Lastly, and most hyped, is Green Goblin played by Willem Dafoe. In the trailer, his crackling laugh is heard while a Green Goblin grenade is tossed in Spider-Man’s direction.

    8. Eye of Agamotto Amulet

    As you may know, after the events of Endgame, Thanos had destroyed the time stone to prevent anyone else of the power of bending time. That stone is the center of Eye of Agamotto amulet shown in the first Dr. Strange film. Yet, in No Way Home, Dr. Strange is seen wearing the amulet around his neck. Did he get the time stone back? Or is he using the amulet to imbue it with magical properties to ground the magic in an artifact?

    9. F.E.A.S.T.

    F.E.A.S.T is a homeless outreach organization within the Martin Lee comics. As well, the organization is seen in several playstation adaptations of Spider-man. In the leaked images, the F.E.A.S.T truck is seen outside the Sanctum and a banner for the organization is displayed within Peter’s school.

    Spider-Man Costumes

    In this film, Spider-Man gets some costume changes. First, Spider-Man is shown in a Black and gold costume. This was leaked through merch and toys prior to the trailer. The black costume could be a callback to Spider-Man 3 in Sam Raimi’s version where Tobey Maguirewas wearing the Venom Black costume. However, this costume is just a tad different with gold trimmings and a special webshooter that is embued with magic. That is a courtesy gift form Dr. Strange. Mist likely, this is done probably used to trap interdimensional villians back into the magical box shown earlier.

    Via Spider-Man No
    Via Spider-Man No Way Home; Sony with Association with Marvel 10 things from the trailer

    Additionally, another cosume displayed is the Iron Spidersuit suit that was first revealed in the beginning of Home Coming and Avenger’s Infinity War as designed by Tony Stark.

    Bonus: Ditko graffiti

    There is a cool Easter Eggreferwnce to Steve Ditko. Ditko graffiti is shown in one scene of the trailer. This refers to Steve Ditko who was the artist on both Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. The comics he drew on are on  The Amazing Spider-Man and the “Doctor Strange” feature in  Strange Tales.


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