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    Why the Golden Globes Should be Allowed to Stay Racially Biased

    Many minorities, especially members of the Black community, are convinced that most award shows are racially biased. The Golden Globes in particular have a history of bringing in primarily white winners, a pattern that is almost impossible not to notice.

    They claim to have expanded their diversity over the last few years. However, seeing as how the majority of the Golden Globe nominations continue to be white, those claims have yet to be backed by results.

    Not much has changed since the #OscarsSoWhite trending tag.

    What I don’t understand is the seemingly unwavering desire for many minorities to be accepted in white spaces. If a club didn’t let me in, I wouldn’t bang on the door until they changed their mind, I would start my own club.

    Assuming that the Golden Globes are in fact racially motivated, wouldn’t it make more sense for whoever is being left out to make their own platform? It reminds me of when someone says “say you’re sorry” or “you owe me an apology” I always wondered what good was anyone’s apology if they had to be told to do it. Similarly with minorities demanding inclusivity, what good is the inclusion if the Golden Globes had to be told to do it?

    I cant think of a better reason for any group that feels marginalized, discriminated, segregated, etc. to work to become self sufficient. What’s negative consequence from creating everything you want instead of begging someone else for a piece of theirs.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for whoever feels left out to make their own versions of whatever they need? Wouldn’t the inclusivity and unity seem more real if it was made by the people who are demanding more inclusivity and unity? Do you think anything is going to change with the Golden Globes 2023 nominations? Let me know in the comments below!

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