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    Who is Jayda Wayda? Meet Lil Baby’s Successful Ex and Mother of His Child

    Jayda Cheaves is a successful American entrepreneur, social media influencer, and author known to many as Jayda Wayda. She became famous after her relationship with the popular rapper Lil Baby, with whom she has a son named Loyal Armani. Apart from the strong association, Jayda built the business and mighty social media following independently; hence, she inspired many young ladies looking up in her steps.

    Jayda Cheaves was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia, USA. She did her high school before diving into entrepreneurship. She spent most of her early life building the foundation for her business career.

    Jayda Wayda

    Jayda Cheaves’ business-mindedness began when she started selling her clothes on Poshmark as a teenager. This turned into a full-scale operation with the opening of an online clothing boutique titled AmourJayda. Diagnosing her with a vast social media following, primarily from Instagram, enabled her to ramp up her core competence in business while engaging millions of her followers daily through lifestyle content, fashion tips, and bits of personal wisdom.

    On top of this trendy clothing boutique, Jayda is an author. She has published a book entitled “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss,” written to inspire young entrepreneurs and give real-life tips on how one could build a successful business. Jayda sells hair products under her beauty brand, Wayda Shop, which includes wigs and bundles.

    She began dating rapper Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones, in 2016. Naturally, people were watching since Lil Baby seemed to gain massive fame in the music industry then. They have a son named Loyal Armani, born on February 18, 2019.

    Lil Baby's Loyal Armani

    The relationship between Jayda and Lil Baby has been marked by several publicized breakups and reconciliations. Despite their ups and downs, they have maintained a co-parenting relationship for the sake of their son, Loyal.

    Jayda has never been one to keep her opinions to herself, a trait that has often pitted her against controversy.

    One of the more striking statements from her was,

    “I’d rather be dogged by a rich man than a broke man.”

    The statement caused mixed responses on social media, as many people were trying to interpret what it meant for her, dating people of financial stability at the cost of personal problems within the relationship. Her openness and candidness about her life have contributed to her popularity and are what often spark public discussions about her.

    Young women take Jayda Wayda as a confident businesswoman. She acts as a role model, in particular among young women who have striven to use their platforms in business. All the same, she also faces criticism—more so airbrushing her views on relationships and wealth, which others feel are materialistic.

    Jayda has been involved in various activities directly or indirectly related to giving back to society. While specific details of this have not been so well published to the public, she shows some interest in giving back through philanthropy.

    Jayda, in this regard, says she will look at expanding business ventures by creating new products in the pipeline and entering other industries. Thus, she will maintain her relevance and influence within the business sphere. Her effective involvement within social media credibly shows that she will put her influence to use through personal branding and business opportunities.

    Jayda Wayda is a multifaceted personality known for making her way into business, gaining a substantial following on social media, and even being Lil Baby’s girlfriend. Her frank views and statements will continue to stir public conversation and add to this complex, influential personality. Amid all the controversies and criticism, Jayda comes out to be a strong woman and a prominent figure of today whom many people look up to because of her success and confidence in her demeanor.

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