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    Lil Baby Busted! Cop Pulls Over Rapper for Tinted Windows (Video)

    An old 2020 online footage emerged showing an incident where rapper Lil Baby was being pulled over in Atlanta for having tinted windows. Still, the incident is giving more highlights to ongoing issues and public perceptions on the subject of vehicle window tint laws and their enforcement.

    He is later heard in the video frustrated, saying,

    “I can’t have nobody see me… You gotta have tints in Atlanta. These folks crazy…. I’ll take a ticket then have someone follow me home.”

    His comments predominantly indicate how any individual deems privacy and security necessary where he feels vulnerable.

    While tinted windows do provide privacy and do look good, they are actually governed by laws due to safety concerns both for law enforcement and other drivers. Different states have laws that govern how much a window can be tinted. Georgia law requires that the front windows of side windows allow more than 32 percent of light in, but the rear side windows can be darker. Violating these regulations can lead to fines and mandatory adjustments to the vehicle​​.

    The incident is not an isolated one because other rappers like Offset and Boosie BadAzz have also fallen victim to law enforcement over the customization of their vehicles in terms of window tints and concealed number plates​ ​.

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