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    Where to Get a Music Education: The Best Music Schools Abroad

    Wondering if you want to tie your life to music? Professionals from EssayAssitant compiled a selection of foreign universities where you can get a music education in absolutely different areas.

    Music is like a special language understood by everyone in the world. Many people hear it, but not everyone is able to speak it. And just like with languages, if you want to work with music, you need to learn it. Whichever path you choose – producer, performer, vocalist, sound engineer, conductor – you’ll need theoretical knowledge and practice. Music education will help you do just that.

    • At university, you will have the opportunity to practice regularly and develop your talent under the guidance of experienced musicians.
    • You can make friends who will become colleagues, bandmates, or even label partners in the future.
    • At university you’ll have a better chance of getting to know the music industry, getting an internship, meeting producers, performers, and others in the field.

    What you need to get into a music major

    You will need a standard set of requirements:

    • A certificate or diploma of previous education with a translation into the national language of the country where you are applying;
    • Certificates of proficiency in English or any other language in which you are studying;
    • Letter of motivation;
    • Letter of recommendation;
    • Portfolio;
    • Interview;
    • Placement test.

    The latter is the most important element for creative majors. No matter what music major you are applying to, there is a good chance that you will have to pass a competitive selection process. For performers, this is usually to play an instrument. Prospective recording engineers, or those who wish to study music theory, are also expected to demonstrate their skills and pass an exam. Some schools, such as the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, include preparation and presentation of a project in their requirements.

    The best music schools in the world

    1. The University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna

    Austria gave the world composers such as Mozart, Haydn, and Schubert, and Vienna was for a long time the musical capital of Europe. It comes as no surprise, then, that it is the Vienna Conservatory (MDW) that opens our list of top schools. Music education in Austria was and is of high quality. QS Ranking ranks MDW seventh in the world for “performing arts”.

    It offers a wide variety of undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. degrees, ranging from organ and church music to sound design and musical ethnography. The university even has a music therapy department.

    2. Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki

    The Sibelius Academy of the Arts Helsinki. The Sibelius Academy is the premier music school in Finland and the ninth in the world. It offers programs in theater directing, lighting design, music theory, jazz, and other areas. They also study specific instruments, such as the Finnish kantele. All freshmen get a discount and can pay half price during the year. After that, the university distributes scholarships, covering 50 to 100 percent of tuition, to the best students.

    3. Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

    Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) closes the top ten performing arts schools in the world. What sets it apart from the other universities in the selection is its traditional oriental instruments program. So if you suddenly dream of playing the gaoh, sona, or yangqin, this is the place for you. In addition, the university offers areas of electronic music/composition, vocal, and classical instruments. But that’s just the “musical” part of the academy. They also teach theater, dance, and opera, as well as film making and screenwriting.

    4. The Juilliard School

    If we’re talking about the performing arts, it’s impossible to miss the Juilliard School. The Juilliard is home to vocalists, conductors, composers, classical musicians, jazz, and authentic performers. Students give 700 performances each year, which are fully sponsored by the school.

    5. The Royal Academy of Music

    The Royal Academy of Music is the oldest conservatory in Britain and was founded in 1822. But despite its advanced age, it follows trends: its graduates shine on the stage and become famous composers and performers of popular music. The main thing about the academy is the individual approach to teaching students.

    On each department’s page, you’ll find faculty members who are masters of their craft, well-known composers, and musicians. In addition to the standard areas of individual musical instruments and theory, the academy also has a program of sound design and authentic performance. The latter is a special performance style in which musicians play works as they sounded in the past on original instruments.

    Applications for admission are submitted through the UCAS Conservatoires website. Applicants will have a compulsory audition (you can send it in video format) and an interview.

    6. The Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP)

    The Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris is known throughout the world. It ranks fifth among the top universities for the performing arts. The university offers only masters and Ph.D. programs. Any major, whether vocal, musical instruments, pedagogy, or music theory, requires a portfolio and a multiple-step creative test. For a sound engineer, for example, you must pass a physics and mathematics exam. Competition for admission to the Conservatory is extremely high – only 3% of applicants are accepted. Foreign applicants additionally need to provide a DELF or DALF certificate, depending on the requirements of the particular program.

    We hope you found this article useful and that you will find the best music school. The main thing is not to forget to follow a number of requirements for a particular school to get exactly where you want to go.

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