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    What’s Gotten Into the Philadelphia Eagles Over the last Six Weeks

    The Philadelphia Eagles are currently sitting at the top of the NFL as the only undefeated team. Eagles HC Nick Sirianni has gotten this young squad playing behind him with swagger and excitement the city of Philadelphia hasn’t seen in a long time.

    The fans are electric; many believe they have a severe chance of the playoffs. 

    To be fair, the league is slightly upside down at the moment. Many of the teams many believed to be talented and fruitful are incredibly disappointing. However, many teams most believed to be “tank” worthy are finding the most success.

    The Eagles are the team nobody wants to be successful in, yet, when they are, it usually makes the game of football fun.

    There’s no debate the Eagles have the most hated fans throughout the league, however, many understand if they’re on one’s side, one can do no wrong. 

    How has Eagles QB Jalen Hurts Affected the Trajectory of the Eagles?

    Hurts has increased his production by a lot, and it’s showing. According to ESPN, he’s much more efficient and effective in the passing game than last season. Not to mention, he’s found ways to help out in the running game as well. The latest inquiry of star WR A.J. Brown has also helped free up the passing lanes for Hurts.

    This young team has a unique energy and presence surrounding them as we enter midway through the NFL 2022-23 season. The question remains: “How can they continue to keep this streak alive?”

    Ways the Philadelphia Eagles Can Continue Their Success

    The Eagles must continue to cause turnovers on the defensive side of the ball. While this group may not be the most immense and most electrifying. Nonetheless, they persist in discovering means to secure victories when a crucial play is required.

    The Eagles also must find their dominant number two pass rusher to help relieve veteran DE Hasson Reddick who has four and a half sacks on the season.

    The second-best pass rusher on the team comes from their veteran DT Fletcher Cox, who’s recorded three sacks this season. If the Eagles can find their dominant number two pass rusher, this will relieve the stress off of Reddick and that secondary.

    Most importantly, Hurts must remain healthy and as efficient as he’s looked through the first six weeks.

    If Hurts can maintain his intensity and effectiveness on the ground and through the air the Eagles can continue to fly high!

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