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    What to Know About Soccer Star Neymar Being on Trial

    Brazilian legend and soccer star Neymar has testified in a Barcelona courtroom, reported Matt Bonesteel for the Washington Post. He’s been placed on trial for fraud and corruption charges related to his transfer that occurred early in his career. The biggest takeaways from the news of one-off the biggest soccer players ever are:

    Neymar is a 30-year-old Brazilian soccer star who currently plays professionally for Paris Saint-German in France. However, he also suits up for the national Brazilian team come World Cup time. Neymar began his career with club Santos in Brazil, then he was acquired in 2013 by Barcelona in Spain. Ultimately, paying him $81.2 million which is where the investigation is stemming from how this was distributed to the star player.

    Details of Trial

    Neymar and eight others are currently on trial over fraud and corruption charges associated with the transfer from Santos (Brazil) to Barcelona (Spain) over five years ago. Neymar’s former partner, DIS, a Brazilian investment firm claims to not have gotten their proper cut. Allegedly, Neymar was bought for $81.2 million, however, DIS owned a 40% stake in Neymar’s rights while in Santos. 

    DIS is accusing Neymar along with others of hiding the true amount of the transfer. According to reports, the transfer fee was $16.6, however, the judge found out it was at least $81.2 million. Meaning, these gentlemen owe DIS much more than they were originally compensated for the transfer.

    “Neymar, along with his parents and the boards of directors of Barcelona and Santos, broke my clients’ trust,” stated DIS lawyer Paulo Nasser on Thursday.

    If Found Guilty How would Neymar be Punished?

    Neymar and his father are possibly facing two years in prison if convicted and found guilty. Additionally, they’ve asked Neymar and his father to pay $9.7 million. However, DIS is asking for five years and fines of up to $32.1 million in compensation. Several sources claim these requests are unlikely to be met, however, DIS still remains to stand on their rigorous and tough punishments.

    “I wasn’t part of the negotiations. My father handled everything and will continue to do so. I sign whatever he asks me to sign,” Neymar stated in court. “Playing for Barcelona was always my childhood dream.”

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