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    Wendy Williams Mandingo Withdrawal From Kevin Hunter

    Wendy Williams still isn’t over the traumatic cheating scandal that rocked her family’s relationship.

    While sitting down with SiriusXM’s “The Karen Hunter Show,” Wendy’s emotions got the best of her. Page Six reports that she was asked a question about her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, and if she’d changed her name following her file for divorce. Overall, Wendy Williams Mandingo withdrawal from ex-husband Kevin is difficult.

    “My name is Wendy Hunter, and that’s my son’s name and you can’t take away twenty. Don’t make me cry. Next.”

    Though WW seemed to still be harboring some feelings for Kevin, she insists that she’s in a much better place, in comparison to when things first exploded.

    “I’m happy. I’m healthy despite my ankles. I am at peace with the world and with everyone around me. …I am going through a situation in my family.”

    Next the host asked Wendy if she’d ever give Kevin another chance. To which Wendy responded with doubt.

    “No, don’t ask. Girl, no. I know what you’re saying, but my family’s good and we’ll always be family,” 

    Wendy ended her interview by talking about her decision to live in a sober house.

    “There were things in my life going on where I knew I had to sit and quiet everything and not have knocked on the door. I don’t need to be interrupted and I don’t need a phone. I just need to think, and you might think it’s crazy because a lot of regular people would just go, ‘Why didn’t you just go to a spa in Connecticut or something like that and just breathe?'”

    The cheating scandal drove Wendy to drink and do other drugs, which then caused her to seek professional help. She admitted herself into a sober house in March.

    Since then, she’s been dealing with the aftermath of Kevin and his infidelity. As a family, both Kevin and Wendy, just recently supported their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., in court.

    Thoughts? Do you think Wendy Williams Mandingo withdrawal is a real thing? Leave a comment below.

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