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    V3nus: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D Junket

    Inspired by her life experiences, V3nus presents her audience with thought provoking lyrics that can resonate in most 5D situations. Her #MuiscOverImage brand focuses on connecting with her audience through sound, lyrics, and vibrations. The brand focuses on more than just image.

    When music speaks to V3nus, she listens. The Texas native intimately connects with a worldwide audience, while her lyrics breathe life with every beat per minute.

    V3nus is a timeless artist that will live on in the hearts of many for years to come.

    HypeFresh Highlights V3nus

    Who is V3nus?

    V3nus: V3nus is a high school educator by day and a Neo-soul artist by night. I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, my genre is Neo-soul and R&B.

    What projects do you have out right now?

    V: I have a few projects out right now. The last one that I dropped is called, Next Body. It’s a song that’s about relationships and break ups—finding yourself in those moments and moving on to the next one. I have another project coming out, a future release. The song is called “Seymore”, which is about living life to the fullest, not getting caught up in the rat race, the day-to-day. There is more to life than just working and paying bills.

    What’s in store for V3nus?

    V: I think the world is, I think the universe is going to bring things my way. Meeting the right people like yourself, just opening doors and meeting new people. Fans, I just need fans worldwide, all over the world, through music.

    What’s your Instagram handle?

    V: @whoisv3nus

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