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    Trump Out Here Cutting People Food Stamps Off!!

    President Trump and his Administration announced a move that is going to Cut a lot of people Food Stamps off!!

    The Trump Administration is cutting food stamps for over 700,000 thousand American citizens. A new rule got final approval Wednesday that is going to drastically affect a lot of lives.

    The rule, which is geared to making it more challenging for “able-bodied” people to get benefits was first proposed in February. Despite opposition from many citizens, the Department of Agriculture approved the rule change.Trump Out Here Cutting People Food Stamps-1

    As the food stamps program currently stands, states can receive waivers for the work requirement of the program. The work requirement states that “able-bodied” adults without children or a disability must work at least 20 hours per week. If they can’t find work people are expected to participate in a work program for the 20 hours to remain eligible for benefits.

    Not many details exist in the exact way the rule change will work. However, it’s intended to make it more difficult for states to receive the waiver. States could apply for the waiver as long as its unemployment rate was 20% higher than the national rate.

    According to the new york post, Delaware is the only state not to apply for the waiver in the last 23 years.

    Supporters of the rule change argue that because the economy has improved so much during the Trump era that it’s time. However, the rule change opponents argue that the change will mainly affect people who work, just not constantly.

    The new rule is one of three the trump administration plans to implement to cut food stamp spending. If all three changes will are put into place an estimated 3.7 million people will be affected. Even more, an estimated 1 million will lose access to free or reduced-price meals in school.

    This latest rule is just another example of Trump’s attack on the working class in America. Instead of increasing taxes on his rich friends, he finds ways to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. For working-class families, food stamps are the difference between being able to enjoy luxury like having cell-phones or being able to eat healthy food. Even more, it known that poorer people have less access to healthy food choices, let alone the means to afford them. These changes only make it easier for people are struggling to struggle even more

    While it is true that it is in the countries best interest to cut dependency on government programs. Doing so by cash strapping the working class instead of making the rich pay their fair share probably isn’t the best way to do that. Maybe if Trump is impeached we won’t have to worry about that.

    What do you guys think about Trump cutting food stamps? is it in the best interest of the country? or just an attack on the working class?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments


    1. Gavonne – you do understand that “working” class people are not affected by this change, right? Because they are working – get it?

      • Well, actually there is a working-class of people who sometimes work less than 20 hours per week during certain parts of the year who will also be affected.

    2. I think that you’re a fucking moron, and should learn proper English. Since that’s beyond you enjoy flipping burgers for fifty years. The gravy train is gone.

      • Flipping burgers is a job thus I will be contributing to the economy with my taxes so if that’s the case… would you like fries with that

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