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    Trump Believes in Aliens: Tall Pilots Share UFO Stories with Him

    Donald Trump made the remarks on the existence of aliens and UFOs during an interview with Logan Paul. In the interview, Donald Trump says the existence of extraterrestrial life is believable since he has spoken to pilots like “Tom Cruise but taller” who told him about UFOs they saw.

    “I’ve met with pilots like beautiful Tom Cruise, but taller. Handsome, perfect people.”

    “There was something that was round in form and going four times faster than my super jet fighter plane.”

    “You have no idea how many times I’m asked that question.”

    “I’ve never been convinced… But a lot of people believe that it’s true. A lot of very good, solid people believe it’s true.”

    “You have the deep state and you do have a deep state and certainly they could [be withholding information], but I don’t think on this subject.”

    “I was interested in it ’cause I’ve been asked so many times and I, I talk to people that have said that they’ve, you know, it was a sighting and it’s very believable. It’s very possible that there is something.”

    Trump was skeptical, saying he was “not particularly” convinced about the existence of extraterrestrial life but acknowledged that many credible people did. He added that he had been asked about it many times before and spoken to many who simply found the UFO sightings believable.

    Additionally, Trump mentioned that the government, including the “deep state,” might not be withholding information on this subject. He indicated that while he had a brief meeting about UFO sightings reported by Navy pilots, he did not place much credence in these reports himself​​.

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