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    Trump Alludes to Joe Biden Taking Drugs

    I assume that everyone can agree  that the presidential debate was dysfunctional, to say the least. It was a complete sh** show. One of most trending topics of the night was one comment made by President Trump. During the debate, Trump alluded that Former Vice President Joe Biden was taking drugs. Absurd as this statement was, the Biden campaign rejected the idea that he would ever submit to a drug test. During his rant, Trump reinforced that he would strongly urge that “Sleepy Joe Biden” take a drug test sometime before or after the debate.

    Some may recall that in 2016, Trump also suggested that Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton was also on drugs.

    In this day and age, weed and some forms of drugs have become the new normal. In 2008, President Barack Obama admitted to smoking weed. “When I was a kid, I inhaled frequently.” The former president also confessed to using marijuana in his memoir, Dreams from My Father.

    During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Clinton famously acknowledged that he experimented with marijuana once or twice in his life. When he was in England, he tried on one occasion and failed horribly.

    California Senator, and current Vice president nominee, Kamala Harris admitted to also smoking weed and supports the legalization of the drug.  In an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” she commented, “I have. And I inhaled.” She continued by saying although she would legalize it, there was still much research to be done.

    What are your thoughts on smoking weed? Let us know below.

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