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    Trey Songz Leaked Tape Leaves Fans Speechless

    Every celebrity has that one embarrassing moment they wished never surfaced on the internet. Leaked nudes and intimate sessions are especially embarrassing, if not downright invasive. Unfortunately, in the world of fame and fortune, privacy doesn’t come easy to a celebrity. Even their personal “activities” are up for grabs to the public.

    Trey Songz found himself in a comprising situation when an alleged sex tape leaked online. Known for making bedroom jams and being every woman’s fantasy man, Songz’s video left many female fans speechless.

                         Trey Songz Can Do No Wrong

    via Complex

    Trey Songz could’ve been trending on Twitter for a number of reasons. The “Bottoms Up” singer recently got arrested for fighting at a Kansas City Chiefs game. Shedding a more positive light on the singer, he also dropped a new joint “Don’t Judge” this week. However, he’s not trending because of physical altercations, arrests, or releasing new music. Instead, Trey Songz has gone viral for his alleged sex tape.

    Fans discovered an x-rated video of a man presumed as Trey Songz himself getting intimate with a mystery woman. The man’s face never comes into focus, but fans quickly point out that his arm tattoo’s and voice all sound very similar to Trey Songz.

    The singer’s social media activity even seemingly confirms fan’s suspicions. Trey Songz released his song “Don’t Judge” yesterday which includes some provocative lyrics. Not to mention, the vulgar snippet that plays at the last quarter of the song. Additionally, he took to Instagram to share a video of himself walking with a limp. He also released photos of him with his hands down his pants. Juvenille’s song “Set It Off” played in the background of the post. The specific lyrics that played were as follows: “I walk with a limp, cause my nuts heavy/And I like it from the back so hold your butt steady.” Raising even more suspicion, the singer shared a post to promote his $20-a-month OnlyFans page that reshared a viral meme in response to the sex tape. Seems like Trey Songz wants us to know he made the x-rated clip. He basically wants to leave people speechless.

                Trey Songz Leaked Video Leaves Female Fans Speechless

    via WBTW

    While most celebrities would be embarrassed by their leaked videos, Trey Songz is loving the publicity. Fans everywhere are at a lost for words over the clip. Female fans especially were left speechless. Many took to social media to post comments like “Good Morning to Trey Songz and Trey Songz ONLYYYY” and “Trey Songz I see why the neighbors knew ya name.” Some fans couldn’t even finish a thought. One female follower posted “Trey Songz . . .” clearly rendered speechless at the leaked video. Honestly, the buzz over Trey Songz’s clip has most of us at a lost for words right now.


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