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    To Know a Gemini, Don’t Ignore the Signs

    What do you get when you find yourself in a room with two Geminis? There is no wrong answer. Let’s start with some basics though shall we: high intense energy, about half a dozen topics for discussion, a slew of chatter about practically any and everything and depending on the climate, ya just might receive a visit from their “other half”. I’m just saying. And I’m a Gemini.

    According to a tweet from Azealia Banks (May 31), both she and Kanye West (June 8) will be occupying the same space and breathing the same air sometime in the near future. The Harlem native tweeted,

    “I just spoke to Kanye West for the first time in years. He called me. I’m flying to Chicago.”

    This could mean many of things, but for the sake of everyone, let’s hope it’s based around new tracks. Right?

    As a supporter of both artists’ music, there is certainly reason to be interested. Given, Azealia hasn’t released a full length project since Slay-Z, an ep released following 2014’s Broke With Expensive Taste. From a creative perspective, this could be a move in the right direction for Banks if the topic of discussion is in fact fresh tracks for the public to hear. I feel others will agree in saying, despite how you feel about her personal views, she is beyond talented when it comes to spitting and capturing one’s ear musically.

    Know a Gemini-1

    In an interview earlier this year on The Breakfast Club, Banks was asked by Charlamagne how she and Kanye’s last discussion went and her reply as simply put, “Scattered.” Time has since passed and clearly Banks has accepted the invitation this go round so it’d be great to think the two would unite under amicable circumstances. I’m sure this meeting will involve more than just dialogue about music, considering both West and Banks are no foreigners when it comes to gaining attention in the public eye. Banks voiced her support for her Gemini brethren via her Instagram story as West made his visit to the White House.

    Know a Gemini-2

    As we know, Fantasea II, Azealia’s long awaited follow up to 2012’s Fantasea, is still in production. As for Kanye, his project titled Yandhi, is set to drop sometime next month.
    If said meeting results in an exchange of beats and bars, would you be interested in a collaboration from the two?

    Stay tuned as more develops and in other news, Jaden Smith’s new single “GOKU is SUPER HOTTTTT!

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