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    The Huawei Ban and Trade War: Here’s How it Affects You

    The Huawei Ban and Trade War has put China and the United States in tension as of recent… And as of the most recent news to date, it’s about to get even uglier.

    According to Bloomberg, China has put plans in stone to restrict exports of rare earth minerals to the United States. China has also created an “unreliable entities” blacklist for unfavorable foreign companies.

    Simply put: They ain’t playing with Trump and his trade war antics.

    Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng of China said: 

    “Necessary measures will be taken” against those on the list, adding that detailed specifics would be shortly released in the near future.

    The question you may ask yourself is “how does the Huawei ban affect me?” The video below from the creators at The Verge explains how.

    Featured Image Credit: Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

    In other world news, Lyft celebrates Pride 2019 with Gender-Neutral pronouns and NCTE.

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