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    Tekashi Might Get Killed if Placed in General Population

    Tekashi69 has a bull’s eye on his back, and it’s all because he’s about to drop the dime on a few important people.

    Next week, Tekashi is going to testify in court against some of his former gang affiliates. For that reason alone, people want him six-feet under.

    Coming straight from TMZ, it’s reported that the New York based rapper is being heavily guarded just in case someone with a homemade knife comes charging at him or a bullet goes flying in his direction. While locked up, Tekashi is being kept away from the general population. Prison officials are afraid that if he were to mingle with other inmates, he’d be in serious harm’s way.

    So they’re keeping him with other inmates that fit the same bill

    Tekashi is with up with other snitches. Apparently they spend all of their days together in a separate unit. They have their own common area, and they sleep together in a large room with bunk-bed furnishing.

    He’s completely secure, and the hopes are that it’ll stay that way.

    On the day of his trial, U.S. Marshals have everything mapped out. They plan to have 69 ushered into the courtroom via a secret tunnel. They fear that members from Nine Trey Blood members will be looking for ways to access him, in hopes of preventing the rapper from giving names in court.

    Tekashi is allegedly expected to provide details on gang members connected to kidnappings, shootings, drug trafficking, robbery, and racketeering.

    After, it’s pretty clear that 69 will need to be placed in witness protection.

    Any thoughts? Do you think Tekashi’s life is still in serious danger away from the general population? Do you think anything will go wrong with efforts to protect him? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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