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    SZA Says She Hates Everyone

    Everyone has bad days, even celebrities don’t feel like being a famous public figure. In fact, many of them have admitted they didn’t want fame along with pursuing their dreams. Unfortunately, with immense talent, comes a magnitude of unwanted fame.  

    SZA especially was in a sour mood this week after fans pestered her over the meaning behind her hit song “I Hate U.” During a huge social media rant, SZA revealed that she hates everyone. Ouch!

    She Hates The World

     Obviously, SZA could use a break from social media for a few days. Cardi B had a similar issue with fans and a few days’ rest did her some good. Perhaps, SZA should take a page or two from the “Up” rapper. 

    Unfortunately, since the release of her hit song “I Hate U” in August 2021, fans have speculated hard and long over its meaning. Many assumed SZA referred to a past relationship. Furthermore, the R&B singer quickly nipped that speculation in the bud, after revealing that the song had nothing to do with a man.

    “When I said I BE SO SICK OF U N***AS, YALL CONTRADICTING I meant everyone. Not men,” SZA wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

    Clearly, the R&B singer isn’t here for all the drama. In that moment, she made it crystal clear that she hates everyone. 

    “I Hate U” Broke Records

    hates everyone
    SZA via Rap-Up

    SZA made it clear in Tuesday’s Twitter rant, that she’s tired of everyone talking about her hit track “I Hate U.” After all, there’s a reason why she released the track anonymously on SoundCloud. During the 2022 Met Gala, SZA revealed that she dropped the track just to put out content.

    “I didn’t want the pressure and stress of putting out an album,” she said in an interview.

    Keep in mind, her last full-fledged album dropped back in 2017. Nonetheless, the move backfired on her after fans praised the song. Furthermore, the song secured the 7th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 and 1st place on R&B/Hip Hop Songs and Rhythmic Airplay Charts. 

    Fortunately, we can expect to hear more from the “TDE” singer this summer. In addition to discussing “I Hate U”, she also revealed that she’s finally ready to release her second album Unisex.

    Moreover, the singer cheekily said, “this summer it’ll be SZA summer.” She’s right about that.     

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