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    Spotify Crushes Apple Music: No Billion-Play Songs vs. Spotify’s 650+

    Swedish streaming giant Spotify has struck all the right chords to outclass its closest competitor, Apple Music. Let’s look at this musical showdown that gets everyone talking!

    Spotify has announced that it is celebrating over 672 tracks for their plays of a billion or more. That’s right—a billion with a ‘B’! At the same time, Apple Music is still holding out on its first song to hit that magic billion-play mark. You know, it’s kinda of like Spotify’s throwing the wildest party ever, and Apple Music’s just standing there at the mailbox waiting for that invitation.

    Let’s Break it down:

    1. Spotify alone has over 672 songs have crossed one billion streams on Spotify, while 90 have crossed the two-billion mark, with 11 hitting three billion. “Blinding Lights” from The Weeknd is the only song to break four billion.
    2. Apple Music has 0 songs with a billion plays. Ouch! Apple Music’s topping song, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” is a mere 930 million plays away. Oh, so near! And yet, so far!

    Why Such a Big Difference?

    You may wonder, “How did Spotify get to the very front?” Well, here are some reasons:

    • Head Start: Spotify was launched in 2008, while Apple Music rolled out in 2015. That is seven years ahead of Apple!
    • More Users: Spotify has a population of over 400 million active users, while Apple Music subscribers are approximately 100 million. One thing that stays real is that with more users, there are more plays.
    • Free Listeners: Spotify does have a free version that includes ads, which Apple Music does not. This brings in much more listeners and plays.

    It’s not that Spotify is bashful about its success. It has a unique playlist named the “Billions Club,” where you can find all these super-popular songs. Basically, it’s like a VIP room for the excellent tracks!

    Apple Music is tight-fisted when it comes to their numbers. They do not disclose as much information regarding how often songs are played. It’s kind of like trying to figure out the number of jelly beans in a jar – we can make a really good guess, but we can’t know!

    Reaching a billion views is large for musicians. It’s like hitting a gold medal in the music-streaming Olympics. Artists, along with record labels, are keen on such numbers since they serve to show exactly how well the song is performing.

    Some may release music first on Spotify to try and get into the Billion-Play Club, others for Apple Music, for their own reasons. It’s all part of the strategy in today’s digital music world. Looking into the Future Will Apple Music ever corner Spotify’s success or hit a billion plays? The answer remains uncertain. But what one does realize is that the race has already begun, and music lovers are gaining. At our fingertips, we have so much great music; we’re all part of this exciting streaming revolution.

    Looking at the musical battle between different platforms, the question one begs to ask is: Which platform will hit all the right notes with listeners in the coming years? Only time—and really, our playlists—are likely to tell.

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