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    South Florida’s Goldenboy Countup Is Ready For Primetime On “Dog Shit”

    It’s no surprise that Detroit is one of the premier cities in rap right now. After years of being slept on, they are finally getting their fair credit. It’s so much to a point, where you can outright see other artists being influenced by their sound. It seems like every artist has given it a shot and tried to replicate their flow. One recent example of a rapper attempting this is Goldenboy Countup.

    Florida Rapper Sound

    Coming from Florida, a place where artists aren’t typically from, Goldenboy Countup had to find a way to find his place in the industry. Doing mixtape after mixtape and hitting every venue in the Florida circuit possibly got him where he is today. It was bound to happen, but a co-sign from fellow singer/rapper Rod Wave put him on the map for the rest of the world to discover.

    I think what truly sped up his to stardom was mixing his laid back-South Florida sound combined with that toughened Detroit sound. I wouldn’t necessarily say he bites other cities’ flow. But other major cities like Detroit, based on his music surely influenced and inspired him. There’s no denying that he went in on his new single “Dog Shit”.

    This is one of the lead singles off his new mixtape Chicken Man 3. This is the third chapter of his classic mixtape series Chicken Man. We see Goldenboy revert back to his old self on this song, channeling his “get it out of the gutter” mentality. The interesting thing about his verse is that even though he is whispering in his raps, he still has an aggressive undertone.

    Locked In w/ Doe

    The song also features a verse from Cleveland rapper Doe Boy. I always know Doe Boy for having memorable verses and low-key washes Goldenboy on his own song. Every time he hops on a track, he passionately raps to listeners that nothing about Cleveland is sweet and that they get active with the sticks. To top it off, it’s only right that Doe B oy signs off the song with his signature tagline “Oh Really”.

    Who knows? Maybe Goldenboy could be the next king of South Beach and become the next Kodak. Or maybe turn into the next 9lokkNine. Regardless, his lead single is worth checking out, and I except his project to sound more refined.

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