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    Social Media, Beauty Influencer Nikita Dragun Banned From Miami Hotel After Arrest

    Nikita Dragun is a social media personality and owner of a beauty brand. Recently, while on vacation in Miami, Nikita was arrested at the Goodtime Hotel. The police report obtained by TMZ describes a chaotic scene in which it is alleged that Nikita was walking around the pool area naked. After being asked repeatedly to put clothes on, Nikita poured water on the hotel workers. Later, police were called to the scene. After responding to them at her hotel door, Nikita also poured water on the police officers. This resulted in her arrest.

    Nikita was held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in a men’s unit until her bail was set at $2,000 by a judge in court Tuesday. Subsequently, she was released. Still, the placement was controversial because Nikita is legally a woman. Outrage on social media is extremely critical of the state’s decision to allow Nikita to be housed with only men. Whether a fan of hers or not, the grey area is clear! Is this a violation of human rights?

    Her charges, according to, are as follows: felony charge of battery on a law enforcement officer, a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, and a municipal ordinance violation of battery. She is set to appear in Miami court again in December, and is only allowed back at the Goodtime Hotel to collect her things along with a supervising officer.


    1. A violation of human rights?
      Instead, I would ask:
      At any given time, in any given city what percentage of people are being held (awaiting or non-awaiting bail) who fit this gender identity description?
      If the numbers are not too large, then perhaps we could find a suitable alternate holding space?”
      Seems like a an issue with potential solutions that would avoid anyone’s rights coming into question.

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