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    Shaboozey’s New Album “Where I’ve Been” Arrives This Friday Tracklist & Cover Art Revealed!

    Shaboozey‘s brand new album, “Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going,” will be released on all good music platforms this Friday, May 31. Indeed, these songs are a compilation that narrates Shaboozey’s emerging journey as an artist and evolution in music.

    Where I’ve Been is the album that has been years in the making, featuring all the standout singles such as “Let It Burn,” with the soulful tunes taking in the Shaboozey trademark of tones and emotive blends of Alt-Country and Hip-Hop influences—indeed, with “Vegas,” his earworm magnum opus, and “Anabelle,” a haunting heartbreak track that shows how Shaboozey can tell a story.

    And here’s the album tracklist:

    1. Horses & Hellcats
    2. “A Bar Song (Tipsy)”
    3. “Last of My Kind” ft. Paul Cauthen
    4. “Anabelle”
    5. “East Of The Massanutten”
    6. “Wides
    7. “Let It Burn”
    8. “My Fault” featuring Noah Cyrus
    9. “Drink Don’t Need No Mix” Feat. BigXTh
    10. “Take Her from Me”
    11. “Finally over”
    12. “Steal Her From Me”
    Shaboozey album tracklist breakdown

    The album will also feature diverse voices: Noah Cyrus, BigXThaPlug, and Paul Cauthen. Fans are already hyped by the recently dropped album cover art and the tracklist as they pump up for this sonic journey.

    This is a music career that Shaboozey did have, with his credit finally appearing on the Billboard 200 country album by Beyoncé in March for the song “Spaghetti” under the name “Cowboy Carter.” This threw him into the limelight, making him a household name in the music business.

    Shaboozey entered the music scene in 2014. According to his official discography, some of his major works include his debut single, “Jeff Gordon,” his album work titled “Lady Wrangler,” and his sophomore album, “Cowboys Live Forever, Outlaws Never Die.” His song “Start a Riot” hit the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack with Duckworth in 2018. He had his most significant break to date in 2024 when he got to work on two songs for Beyoncé’s eighth studio album, “Cowboy Carter.”.

    Shaboozey’s music calls upon influences from as vast and varying places as hip-hop, country, rock, and Americana. He cites influences like the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and Led Zeppelin; others are similar to Martin Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver. Other influences include Fela Kuti, Clipse, Roger Waters, the Backstreet Boys, Pharrell, Missy Elliott, Lead Belly, Johnny Cash, and the White Album.

    Shaboozey’s collaboration with Beyoncé boosted his career and contributed to the recognition of several rising Black country artists featured on the project. This collaboration is a testament to Shaboozey’s talent and unique blend of country and hip-hop music.

    “Where I’ve Been” by Shaboozey is not one of those albums that are out there in the market; it talks about its creative process and more towards the goodwill of his fans. He uses this to write tight verses for his listeners, bringing that personal touch that defines him within the industry.

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