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    Self-Love Playlist: Songs To Get Through Good And Bad Days

    Self-love is important. Do you need some help wooing the one closest to you? Here are seven songs you can use to say, “I love me!”

    1. Sell it Big

    Doja Cat’s hit song had stomachs everywhere loving being full from lunch. “I’m fit and fat/He live for that!”

    2. Dreams of Reality’s Peace

    Kendrick Lamar is truly one of the greatest lyricists of the new rap generation. In “i”, he insists, “The sky could fall down, the wind could cry now/The strong in me, I still smile.” Why? Because he promises, “[he] love[s] [him]self!”

    3. Thick As My Skin Is

    Lizzo reminds us that “they gon’ feel how they ‘gonna feel!” And she urges us to “love it.” “Living was the best revenge!”

    4. “Do You Hear Me?”

    “Wouldn’t you know? We ‘been hurt. ‘Been down before, *****! When our pride was low/Lookin’ at the world like, “Where do we go, *****?” Kendrick Lamar knows none of it means anything if he is not “right with God.”

    5. Where’d Your Love Go?

    In “Mad”, Solange and Lil Wayne artfully discuss the difficulties and challenges both Black men and women sometimes face when choosing to express feelings of grief related to experiencing racism and other societal ills. Wayne raps, “Yeah, but I, got a lot to be mad about/Got a lot to be a man about/Got a lot to pop a Xan’ about!”

    6. Get it How You Live

    Many dream of fame and of fortune, but some would rather keep it real. “I’m not no ‘number one’/’Cause they gon’ do you wrong/And they gon’ play you out.”

    7. Somebody Save Me from Myself

    The music video for “Self-Care” was also one of Mac Miller’s last filmed videos. It features Miller carving “memento mori” into the inside of a casket before he eventually breaks free by punching a hole directly through the Latin phrase, which translates to “remember that you will die.”

    How do you practice self-care? Does music help? Let us know by leaving a comment!


    1. Self care is important. So is balance. Care for the self must be balanced with the care for others. This world needs less selfish motivation. And more treating others the way you’d want to be treated. Perhaps if we did that first, we would not have such a high need for “self care.” But yes, self care is important.

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