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    Romeo Reached His Breaking Point With Father, Master P

    I thought the holidays were supposed to be about spending quality time with family and making lifelong memories. For that reason, it kills me to see families fight this time of the year. If you’re wondering what I am referring to, I’m talking about the famous father-son duo, Master P and Romeo Miller. The two currently aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, something that nobody could’ve expected.

    Fed TF Up!

    This all started after Romeo reached his took his frustrations to social media once he saw his father sending his condolences to DJ Twitch. Not that he was necessarily upset at him for paying respect. But he felt his father didn’t show the same remorse when he lost his sister earlier this year. Romeo never appeared to be the type to put his family business in the street. He must really be at his breaking point to make his feelings public.

    A Rich Deadbeat?

    To add more fuel to the fire, Romeo Miller went on a full rant that implied dad Master P was not the loving father that he portrays himself to be. To quickly summarize his rant, he let the world know his father stole his childhood earnings and didn’t financially support his family. The comment that blew me away was when he said that his family was living month-to-month. If true, this is a damn shame. Why is it when men get a little change in their pocket and they spend it on everything but their family?

    And don’t even waste your time watching/reading Master P’s response to these accusations. He had the nerve to promote his freaking cereal in the midst of all of this. The fact that he tried to squeeze in a product placement let me know Romeo wasn’t lying.

    I hope these two work out their differences. Because nobody wins when the family feuds. Somebody got to let Master P know there’s more to parenting than providing.

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