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    Roc Writah Releases Single “Reality Check”

    The pride of Charm City, Roc Writah, brings a Reality Check to 2023. We’ve come to expect a release each year in March to commemorate his birthday. Reality Check is another hard hitting single produced by Nikonor (Complaints and Complacency) that puts us at the center of self. Writah’s first line is a gritty war line, “Anybody can get it, that’s where my mental at.”

    Which you would think is a warning shot to peers and other artists alike, but the video tells a different story. We are presented with double meaning, and I believe Roc is also talking to himself. He is seen running through the night with a bruised eye socket and blood on his face. Who he is attempting to flee is not shown until we get a seconds glimpse at the very end of his shadow, being in the form of a monstrous creature.

    Is he frightened by himself? “Conquer your inner beast or lose it all in the process” is displayed at the end, which sums up the colorful illusions in the video, and battles we face as humans each day. As humans, it seems that we always have an uphill battle to climb. And despite the darkness, Roc chooses to bring his to the light. Tell us what you think.

    Video Shot by KMoneyMedia and Directed by A Few Day Ones. 


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