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    Rick Ross Invests $1M In Jetdoc Startup

    Rick Ross Invests in Jetdoc

    Rapper Rick Ross is proving that health is wealth. According to Forbes, the rapper turned entrepreneur has invested $1,000,000 into Jetdoc, a telehealth company. 

    What’s Up with Rick Ross’ Health?

    As a result of Ross’ recent health scares, he has definitely paid more attention to his health choices. In fact, he had two seizures, one in 2011 and one in 2018.

    “That’s what’s pushing me. I’ve had a seizure, woke up unconscious on the toilet before. I’ve never talked about it, but I suffered from seizures for a long time.”

     Furthermore, Ross talks about his past health history.

    “I’ve been healthy and an athlete all my life,” Ross said. “But when I became an artist and started traveling and working long hours in the studio, it took a toll on me. I made up my mind, and I’ve lost over 80 pounds. I’ve adjusted my eating and sleeping habits, which were my biggest issues.”

    Rick Ross Shares the News

    On January 16, Ross announced his investment in Jetdoc on Instagram, sharing a Forbes article featuring Jetdoc CEO Tommy Duncan and expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

    Ross wrote:

    “Exciting news! Thank you Forbes and MyJetDoc for the positive energy. Grateful for the opportunity, @tommy2duncan. Let’s all connect at!”

    What is Jetdoc?

    JetDoc is an online health club providing virtual doctor visits for $20. They offer a $10 unlimited monthly membership, and health insurance is not needed. Like GoodRx perks, members get a discount card for up to 85 percent off prescription medications at major pharmacies.

    The telehealth service is available on both Google Play as well as Apple’s App store. Big ups to Rick Ross for shouting Jetdoc out.

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