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    Rich the Kid Pressed By NBA Youngboy For Hanging With Lil Durk

    Rich the Kid Faces Pressure from NBA Youngboy Over Association with Lil Durk. It’s crucial to be cautious about the company you keep as it can reflect on your character and decision-making. You wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression and be forced to explain yourself. This is exactly what happened with rappers Rich the Kid and NBA Youngboy.

    Earlier this month, Amazon announced that rap star NBA Youngboy would be hosting a podcast/radio show on their platform. Last week, the show made its debut, and it was something people will never forget. He had a couple of guests appear, with one of them being his fellow friend/rapper, Rich the Kid. What started as a friendly conversation immediately went left after Youngboy questioned him about being pictured with his sworn enemy, Lil Durk.

    Caught Off-Guard

    I have to give Youngboy’s interviewing skills credit where it’s due because of how smoothly he made the transition. By catching Rich off guard, it left him with no time to think about his rebuttal, and he had to give his most honest answer. Based on the awkward silence, you could infer that Youngboy had Rich is shaking in his boots.

    After gathering himself, Rich replied that it was strictly business since it was for a concert and was unaware someone took a picture of him and Lil Durk. Immediately, Youngboy told him he would’ve paid him for the concert if money was the reason and that he should’ve called. The fact that YoungBoy said he would’ve paid him made me look at that whole conversation way differently. Clearly, Rich doesn’t have any principles.

    Standing on Morals

    The thing I noticed about Youngboy is that he is extremely loyal. Youngboy stopped working with Lil Uzi Vert out of respect for Rich the Kid, so Youngboy expected the same courtesy. Somebody has to stand on morals in this fake ass industry, and Youngboy seems like one of the few that always does.

    A part of me feels bad for Rich because we witnessed him publicly embarrassed. Youngboy didn’t have to air him like that for the world to witness. But I do understand why Rich did what he did. Not everyone wants to pick sides in their beef, there is money to be made.


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