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    Rare Souls Pop Up Shop Overview

    We got the chance to go to the Rare Souls pop up shop on January 24 at the Gravy Studio last week. A bittersweet moment considering this was one of the last pop up events they will be doing. until they close and relocate at the beginning of February to 2424 studios in Fishtown. Nonetheless, the event still went on and we even got interviews from the designer Coop and partner of the clothing brand and artist Kyreek Davis.
    Rare Souls pop up shop overview


    What is your brand about?

    Rare souls is a mindset first, it’s a mentality so it’s all about thinking right So, we got different elements The root of it… pursuing your passion, doing what you love we got a circle of small people that pursue their dream to pursue what they love, and we inspire other people to do the same

    Where do you get your clothing inspiration from?

    First, it’s a feel, its always a feel.
    Sometimes I see something, I read, it’s a combination of things.
    It’s all about how I feel. It can come from music, film, just everyday life so I could be just walking outside and see something whether its nature, it’s just a combination of things, its everyday life.
    Rare Souls pop up shop overview

    Where are you from?


    How does being from Philadelphia inspire you?

    So many ways.
    I feel like growing up we were coming from the have nots but to me, it was always an inspiration I never looked at it as a negative, so it gave me the motivation to figure things out I was inspired by just that alone and then I think about being inspired by everyday circumstances by my mother’s circumstances, my family circumstances….
    More than anything, its that constant hunger of not having and wanting more and just finding a passion for something and when I find a passion for something I just go after it.

    How long have rare souls been a thing?

    The first thing I looked at was the thought, it all started as a thought. The thought started in 2015 so at the time, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to use the word,
    The word rare souls just felt right, so I knew it was something. Fast forward to 2017 that’s when we started putting out pieces to see how people took to it

    Kyreek Davis

    Do you feel like you are a rare soul?

    I feel like rare souls Is about never compromising the truth and always living in your true nature your true essence. At one point in time I feel like growing up in the hood you got a lot of distractions and you tend to sway whichever way the wind blows. It’s a lot of influences and I feel like early on I was caught up In that. Later on in life, I started to try to tap into who I am as a person and live by that I feel like that’s the definition of a rare soul

    How do you use being a rare soul in your music? 

    My message Is just stay true to who you are. I feel like through music I’m always being authentic, and I feel like that translate
    Rare Souls pop up shop overview

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