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    R.Kelly Better Be Ready For Anal Fest After Additional Charges

    R.Kelly is preparing to meet his ultimate fate. Cook County prosecutors are charging the singer with an addition of 11 counts of sexual abuse. He will surely be getting a one-way ticket to the anal fest.

    Robert Kelly has been on the wrong side of the courtroom for the better part of a year. For well over two decades numerous women have come forward claiming that the Chicago native has committed crimes. The majority of the individuals have come forward claiming  Kelly has been performing several sexual acts against underage girls. Plenty of witnesses, along with their family have come forward detailing the encounters with Kelly.

    R.Kelly Anal Fest

    Despite overwhelming claims, Kelly was found not guilty of the claims back in 2010. However, a documentary entitled “Surviving R.Kelly” featured an in-depth look into what former employees of the singer saw first hand. Furthermore, from former bodyguards to personal assistants, people have provided explicit details of how R.Kelly worked his alleged underage sex ring.

    Now prosecutors will be adding the new charges to the current ones filed against R. Kelly. Hence, the new 11 sexual abuse charges stem from four women, which includes three minors between the age of 13 t0 16. At the current moment, the “Step In The Name Of Love” singer could face a potential sentence of up to 20 years.

    In a CBS interview that aired earlier this year, Kelly defended his innocence stating that just about everyone was lying. Now more than ever it seems as though it’s no doubt that Kelly will end up doing time. R.Kelly better watch his back, inmates will truly enjoy an anal fest with Mr. Kelly.

    Do you think that R.Kelly will enjoy the anal fest? Will he be convicted for 30 years? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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