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    “Queen and Slim” A Black Love Classic for Cinema

    On Thanksgiving Day, “Queen and Slim” made its debut in theaters with a total of 4.3 Million opening day!

    The Queen and Slim movie, tells of a story of a young black couple falling in love while on the run. The female lead is played by Jodie Turner-Smith. Smith was born raised in Peterborough, England by Jamaican parents.

    She represents the struggle of a strong black women in America. while simultaneously asking to be given the space to be imperfect, accepted and loved, despite our flaws in a country that dehumanizes us.

    The male role slim, played by Daniel Kaluuya is symbolic of everyday struggles, worry and exhaustion of being a black man in America.

    Throughout the movie, Slim represents, the black man asking to be free, loved and valued without his masculinity being demented.

    Queen and Slim

    The love between Queen and Slim Is Portrayed Artistically

    through the road stops on their way to freedom (Cuba). In one scene, Queen(Jodi) stops the car next to a horse stable and reflects on her time as a child; when her mother taught her how to ride horses. Slim(Daniel), asks her to teach him how to ride. They rejoice in a touching moment of freedom as he learns to ride. He then asks Queen.

    “what is it about black people on horses that white men don’t like”

    She replies, ” then they have to look up at us”

    This moment, like many others in this movie, touches on many aspects of black love, racial relations, masculinity-femininity, and much more. Director, Melina Matsiukas and Writer, Lena Waithe with has done I with another classic.

    Check out other shows Lena has written for like ” the chi” to “Ready Player One”

    Tell us how you liked the Queen and Slim movie, is this another black Classic? Should Jodie Smith play storm for marvel? the people are already requesting her, let us know!


    1. It’s a great feeling to see black love succeed on the big screens. I can’t wait to see this film!!!!

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