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    Prince Harry Wishlist: Smashing Jennifer Aniston!!

    At the end of the day, royal people have crushes also. In this case, it seems as though Prince Harry wishlist involved that of Jennifer Aniston. Hopefully, Meghan Markle doesn’t get too jealous.

    Prince Harry is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. The royal prince can buy just about anything that he wants. Overall he seems very happy with Meghan Markle, but it seems that at one point Prince Harry Wishlist consisted of Jennifer Aniston. The married man has a right to dream, and he surely is a great father to his newborn.

    Several media outlets are reporting that prior to his marriage to Meghan Markle, he was crushing on actress Jennifer Aniston. It seems as though things did not really get serious, however, the 34-year-old managed to get her number. Furthermore, the 50-year-old is considered one of the hottest females in America. It’s safe to say that the Prince likes them older.

    “He told a close friend his favorite actress was Jen and got her number. He texted her and sent emojisOpens a New Window. One source told me Jen was aware of Harry’s crush but didn’t want to lead him on because of the age difference.”

    Harry went on to marry Meghan back on May 19th, 2018, and the couple has a son by the name of Archie. It’s safe to say that Harry has bagged another hot actress. Markle previously had a recurring role on the hit show Suits for several seasons.

    In conclusion, are you surprised about Prince Harry wishlist involving Jennifer Aniston? Do you think that he could really bag her if he wanted? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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