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    Post Malone Sets the Record Straight: “I’m Not on Drugs, Just Living My Best Dad Life”

    Post Malone’s Weight Gain Is All the Buzz

    Post Malone, the American rapper, and singer-songwriter, has been in the spotlight for years, with his music, lifestyle, and appearance all subject to intense scrutiny. Recently, the musician has been making headlines for his dramatic weight loss and rumors of drug use, prompting questions about his health and well-being.

    The rapper’s appearance had changed dramatically, and some were concerned about his health. In 2021, Post Malone shocked his fans by revealing his dramatic weight loss on social media. He shared a photo of himself looking noticeably slimmer, leading to speculation about how he achieved his transformation.

    Post Malone has not commented directly on his weight loss, but rumors have circulated that he underwent gastric sleeve surgery, which reduces stomach size and helps patients lose weight. However, there is no confirmation of this, and it is also possible that Post Malone changed his diet and exercise habits.

    Post Malone returns to stage after postponing shows over fall

    In addition to his weight loss, Post Malone has also faced rumors of drug use. The musician has been open about his past drug use, admitting in interviews that he used to rely heavily on marijuana and other substances. However, he has also spoken about his efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle recently, including cutting back on drugs and alcohol. In an interview with GQ, he said, “I’ve been trying to get healthier and make sure I’m taking care of myself because that’s the most important thing.”

    Despite the controversies and rumors surrounding him, he remains one of his generation’s most popular and successful musicians.

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