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    Philadelphia Judge Genece Brinkley Has Criminal Cases Reassigned

    Judge Genece Brinkley has had all of her criminal cases reassigned according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    A History Of Bad Calls

    According to lawyers in Judge Brinkley’s office, there have been complaints against the judge that have needed to have been addressed for years. Yet, it wasn’t until a “clash with judicial leadership — especially Lucretia Clemons, the supervising judge of criminal courts” that anything was done about it.

    Meek Mill Sentencing Sparks Outcry

    Brinkley is now accusing “supervising judges on the court, both of whom are also Black women” of “gender and racial discrimination”. “In 2017, she sentenced Mill to two-to-four years in prison for violating his probation in a nine-year-old drug and gun case — a decision that led to widespread outcry from a mix of celebrities and elected officials.” After the validity of his initial arrest was questioned, Meek was eventually freed.


    1. It’s so hard for judges these days- I feel for them.
      It must be so challenging to earn a top salary and err on the side of justice.

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