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    Paul Wall Reveals When He Discovered His Dad Was A Child Molester

    Celebrities may love the lavish and quaint lifestyles that they have now. Though, fans only look at the glass half-full. Even celebrities come from tough childhoods and deal with life trauma. For instance, rapper and DJ Paul Wall found out a very disturbing family secret from his mother as a child. During a recent interview, he revealed that his estranged father was a child molester. That couldn’t have been easy for the star to realize.

    Paul Wall’s Father Was A Child Molester

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    It couldn’t have been easy for the rapper and DJ to find out that his father assaulted young girls. The disturbing family secret clearly still lives on with Paul Wall, even as he discussed it on the FAQ Podcast. Moreover, the rapper was asked if he had a relationship with his father. Wall shared that he didn’t and for good reason.

    As a child, his mother always warned him and his sister that they’d be kidnapped by their father. When they became of age, Wall’s mother finally told them the truth; that their father was a child molester. The rapper’s dad kidnapped a 12 or 13-year-old girl and started “grooming” her. Wall’s mother furthered revealed that when the girl turned 15-years-old, he married her and moved to Canada. According to the rapper, that  had been the last time he’d seen his old man. Honestly, good riddance.

    Wall’s Support From Fans

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    After hearing Wall’s heartbreaking story, fans flooded the comments with support. While many showed support for the rapper, others applauded Wall’s mom for protecting her children.

    One fan wrote, “big ups to Paul Walls’ mom for getting her kids away from that guy! So many people don’t have that story! I love it when a parent chooses peace for their families.”

    Another fan tweeted, “Wow that’s sad but bless his mom for sheltering her children.” Indeed, Wall’s mother did save him from a child molester.

    More importantly, the rapper became a better father to his children than his dad was to him and his sister.


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