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    Paris 2024 Olympics Introduce Anti-Sex Beds in Athlete Accommodations

    “Anti-sex” beds have been installed in the Olympic Village in Paris for the 2024 games. The beds are made out of recyclable materials. The biggest motivation for doing them this way is sustainability. These beds are made up of entirely recyclable mattresses and cardboard frames.

    An “anti-sex” bed is a bed that is made of recyclable materials, whose frames are also made of cardboard and mattresses that can be recycled. These beds are, therefore, designed in such ways that sexual relations become quite a hassle should athletes consider engaging in them. They are, for instance, designed to hold the weight of one person but collapse if it has two people on it.

    This is mainly intended to avoid the possibility of the fast spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, due to close contact among different athletes. Huge competitions like Olympics are actually a probable breeding area for infections because of the gathering of entire participants across the world.

    This practice is also in line with the trend of increasing sustainability and environmental accountability in the case of global events. The beds made of cardboard are straightforward to recycle and result in less waste and a reduced carbon footprint of the Olympics.

    Such beds are the cheapest and more accessible to make en mass. They are light, easy to carry, and mount in the Olympic Village. These beds are just one part of a much larger aspiration to ensure that every piece of equipment achieves minimum environmental impact and a second life. The second reason is that the organizers want to erase wild sexual liaisons reported during past competitions. The beds are part of a broader push to actually reduce the environmental impact of the games.

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