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    One Morehouse College Professor Takes Students Back In Time To The Slave Trade

    Throughout history there has been a multitude of remarkable technological advancements. It is crucial to acknowledge the valuable contributions of the black community in these groundbreaking developments. For example, Garrett Morgan, a black inventor in the 1970s, created the first three-position traffic light. In 1966, Mary Van Brittan Brown, a New York nurse, played a key role in developing the first home security system. And the list goes on.

    Today, Professor Ovell Hamilton, a history professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, has introduced a groundbreaking black history course taught entirely through the metaverse. Students now have the opportunity to travel back in time and experience the days of the Slave Trade.

    Professor Hamilton, who has been teaching at Morehouse College for years, wanted to create an engaging and educational course. By launching the first class in the metaverse, Morehouse College made history, with Hamilton being one of the 11 professors utilizing virtual reality technology to teach students.

    The metaverse provides students with the valuable chance to revisit significant moments in black history. Additionally they can delve into the noteworthy integration of the Little Rock Nine into an all white high school in Arkansas back in 1957. In this regard Professor Hamiltons’ course offers an innovative and thought provoking examination of black history that truly breaks new ground.

    The student response to the history course taught in the metaverse has been overwhelmingly positive. Students feel more connected to their ancestors and have gained a deeper appreciation for their history. This initiative by Morehouse College will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact in history.

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