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    NYC’s Street Closure for Ice Spice’s Epic Music Video Shoot

    Ice Spice New Music Video

    Ice Spice, the Brooklyn-based music duo consisting of rapper Nesi and producer Rambo, recently made waves in the music industry by shutting down a street in New York City for their latest music video shoot. The duo teamed up with director Nathan Rickard to film the video for their upcoming single, “Street Sweeper,” and their bold move to close down a busy street in Brooklyn attracted attention from both fans and passersby.

    The shoot was in Bushwick, a neighborhood known for its vibrant street art and bustling creative scene. The decision to close down a street for the shoot was risky, but it paid off in the end, as the resulting footage is nothing short of impressive.

    The “Street Sweeper” video features Nesi and Rambo performing in the middle of the street, surrounded by a fleet of flashy sports cars and a crew of dancers. The scene is visually stunning, with the bright lights of the cars illuminating the dark streets of Brooklyn.
    The decision to close down a street for a music video shoot is not new, as many artists have taken similar risks to capture the perfect shot. However, Ice Spice’s decision to do so amid a pandemic and when many businesses struggled was bold.

    Despite the potential risks, the duo’s decision to close down a street for their video shoot speaks to their dedication to their craft and willingness to take risks to achieve their artistic vision. The resulting video is a testament to their creativity and ability to capture the essence of Brooklyn’s vibrant street culture.

    Ice Spice’s “Street Sweeper” video is set to be released in the coming weeks, and fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival. With their unique blend of rap and trap beats, the duo has already made a name for themselves in the Brooklyn music scene, and their latest video is sure further to cement their status as rising stars in the industry.

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