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    Nyja: Afrobeats Artist Takes Over London With New Single, ‘No Worri’

    Meeting Nyja over a Zoom call is as much a joy as meeting in person. Her spunk and tenacity is magnetic as she spoke passionately about her new single, “No Worri”. The Afrobeats aesthetic combined with a rich Nigerian nuance is sure to have you rocking your hips.

    Nyja didn’t mind taking time from her busy schedule to talk with us about her musical endeavors. The UK based Afrobeats artist sat in her car in the freezing UK weather and allowed HypeFresh to spend a few moments inside her world.

    Meet Nyja.

    Who is Nyja?

    Nyja: She’s wearing a smile when she walks in the room. She’s from East London. What you see is what you get.

    What is your background in music?

    N: Everyday living, experiences, taking the time to sit down and write out my feelings.

    What specific experiences influence your lyrical content?

    N: Again, everyday living, background, childhood experiences. Everyday that I breathe is an experience.

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    What inspired ‘No Worri’?

    N:I’ll be honest, self confidence. ‘No Worri’ is about not caring what people say. It is a letter to my younger self. Be true to yourself.

    Growing up, what 3 things did you have to worry about?

    N: How I dress, my background as a tomboy. Perception of how people see me.

    Nyja in her own skin

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    What was it like working with producer 30 degrees?

    N: Very smooth and comfortable. He knew exactly what I wanted. He’s a great person to work with. The story just flows into a freestyle. I like producers who allow me to bond with them. Building a friendship first—relationship is key when making music.

    What message do you try to send to anyone who listens to your music?

    N: Everyday is a journey. Life is a learning lesson, self-discipline. It’s about knowing what you can tolerate. Life bases around experience. Indeed, we are all writing our own stories. From beginning to the end.

    What do you like to do in your downtime?

    N: Chill, listen to music. Spending time with family, having fun and enjoying life—all while pursuing goals.

    What artists and producers do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

    N: Teni, a female Afrobeats artist that used to write for Davido. I can actually visualize her lyrics. Brandy. English artist, Midas. Producer wise, Jay 5. I love the way he produces his music. The finishing touch is amazing.

    Tell us how you keep yourself motivated since the pandemic started?

    N: Praying, reading the Bible and writing music. Getting to know myself, my weakness and strengths. I’m happy.

    What’s in store for Nyja in 2022? Any new projects in the works?

    N: Visuals to “No Worri” will drop on YouTube on Tuesday.

    How can people find your music?

    N: On YouTube, Instagram and Twitter at @nyjas_world.

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