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    Nicholas Dante Has Released His Latest Single “Breathe”

    Nicholas Dante has released his latest single, “Breathe,” which showcases his unique style of using intricate production to create a world of his own. Written by Timms and Dante himself, the track serves as a double entendre, discussing themes of new-found sexuality and crippling mental health. The song, which Dante calls his “hottest” track, features a booming bassline, clanky percussion, and siren-like synths, along with sensual lyricism and R&B influences, making it grand and rich while also giving it an extra punch.

    This marks the second release from Dante within weeks, following up from his debut single “Rebellion,” which received 3.5k plays within the first 24 hours. Dante has established a growing social media presence with almost 15k followers across all platforms. The Brooklyn-based singer cites Britney Spears, Madonna, and Janet Jackson as inspirations in his image and sound, all of whom have experimented with electronic sounds and avant-garde art while maintaining a pop basis in their music. Dante aspires to do the same, and with “Breathe,” he proves that his future in the music industry is looking very promising.

    Stream “Breathe” on Spotify 

    Connect with Nicholas Dante: Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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