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    NBA 2K20 Gives Commemorates To Kobe Bryant

    Sunday, January 26, 2020, was a tragic day for Lakers and Basketball fans all over the world.

    Kobe Bryant’s death is something to cry over. He was only 41 years old and just starting his retirement. He was an incredible basketball player, and some would say the best to do it. Not only did we lose the Mamba, but we also lost the baby Mamba, Gianna “Gi-GI” Bryant, Kobes 13-year-old daughter.

    Kobe and daughter Gianna

    (Picture of Kobe Bryant & daughter Gianna Bryant)

    A shake all over the Basketball World.

    Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s deaths collapsed, not only the friends and family that knew them. But the many fans who grew up watching and screaming Kobe while performing a turn-around fade-away jump shot on basketball courts. He Inspired a generation of basketball players and people with his “Mamba Mentally.”

    The loss of Kobe did not only shook the real world, but it also shook the virtual one. Video game, NBA2K 2020, choose to remember Kobe by posting a black and white picture of him with his year of birth and death, to celebrate his career playing in the NBA and his life.

    Philadelphia DUB Tour-2 (1)

    (NBA 2K20’s Tribute to Kobe Bryant) 

    This was not the only tribute in NBA2K20. Players who loved Kobe decided to pay tributes in their way. Some players did the shot-clock violation as NBA players did on the day of Kobes death. Others change the look of their NBA avatar to wear Kobe gear, to show their love for “The Bean.”

    NBA 2K20 Gives Commemorates-2

    (NBA2K Players who are tributing Kobe in NBA 2k20) 

    No matter if you were a Kobe fan or not, or you hated him for beating your team in the NBA Play-Offs or NBA Finals, you had no choice but to respect that man’s game. Kobe Bryant leaves behind a legacy that any NBA player would be proud of and life that inspired so many people across the world.

    You will be missed, Kobe. And you are never forgotten.

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