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    Looting Outshines Police Shooting In Chicago.

    A police shooting in Chicago is being outshined by the looting it caused.

    Chicago looting is trending, although the headlines should read police shooting instead. However, the narrative that somehow police shootings are what is causing the looting is outlandish to some people.

    CNN currently has “Chicago Looting” in it’s trending section, which may seem minuscule but is quite disturbing.

    Sadly, Chicago is well known for its inner-city gang and gun violence problems that too many of its black residents participate in.

    Despite this, the country is just coming off months of protest, riots, occupations, and more after George Floyd’s Police involved death. Even more, history has shown us that the ills of the inner-city only get to looting after some wrong done by the judicial systems.

    The riots in Chicago, Watts, Philadelphia, and all over the country have mainly come as the result of the police or the courts.

    According to police, someone fired shots at the cops and they returned fire resulting in the shooting. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the risk cops take, and the bravery it requires to do it daily, is insane. However, African-Americans have multiple examples of cops going to extremes to deal with people of color vs their counterparts.

    In Bethlehem Pa, a white man, Adam ZAaborowski was able to shoot at an innocent cigar store clerk and the police and is still alive.  While he did suffer multiple gunshot wounds himself, it’s hard to believe that people don’t have sympathy for him. Especially when all the news about the event was about how Zaborowski was “not handing the pandemic well”.

    If that’s the case then the Chicago looting is a result of inner-city kids “Not handling the pandemic well”.

    What are your thoughts on the Chicago looting?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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