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    Leonardo DiCaprio Young Kitty Addiction Is Causing Chaos!!

    Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most accomplished actors of our lifetime. However, he’s getting backlash for his preference of young kitty.

    The Oscar Award-winning actor known as Leonardo DiCaprio has been in countless films. Despite having great respect for his craft, people are calling him out for his selection in women. Overall, the 44- the year-old actor has had a pattern for dating women under 25. Hence, he started dating his current just at the age of 19 years old.

    Leonardo DiCaprio Young Kitty 

    His girlfriend Camila Morrone is now 21 and attended the Cannes Film Festival premiere of the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Furthermore, his lady did not walk the red carpet with him, and they did not pose together. Above all, it’s safe to say that Leo might not want to fuel the critics any more than he has too.

    Either way, Twitter decided to weigh in on the discussion, and it wasn’t in favor of DiCaprio:

    In conclusion, do you think Leonardo DiCaprio young kitty should stop? Should he date his age? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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