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    LeBron James Legacy Now In Question..He Ain’t The GOAT

    LeBron James has done some extraordinary things throughout his career. However, his tenure with the Lakers may cause many to rethink his greatness.

    King James has managed to maintain the highest level of competition on the court.  The former number 1 overall pick of the 2003 draft has managed to reach some historical milestones. Despite losing several times in the finals, LeBron is still mentioned in conversations as one of the greatest. Many believe that LeBron James runs the game.  Now that debate might become a one-sided conversation with the current status of Lakertown.

    LeBron’s Legacy

    The long proclaimed critics are currently having a field day with the thought of LeBron missing the playoffs. This would especially be the case since King James recently called himself the GOAT back in January. James missing the playoffs would be the first time in nearly a decade. Lebron’s streak of eight trips to the finals would end as well. Many of Bron’s fans can use his groin injury as the reason for not landing a playoff spot in the stacked West.

    From the standpoint of post-retirement, we knew that it’s business as usual. James has become a global icon because of all of the things that he has done outside the world of basketball. He managed to open a new school in his hometown. He also has been an advocate in the African American community. This includes him calling out NFL Owners for having a Slave Mentality.

    If the Laker’s miss the playoffs will LeBron’s legacy become tainted? Will he be considered less than the likes of Kobe Bryant? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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