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    Hollywood Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About Kirsten Dunst

    Imagine not being appreciated for the work that you do.

    Does it feel good? No, right! Well…that’s how Kirsten Dunst feels on the regular.

    The actress got real candid when speaking with SiriusXM’s Larry Flick about her longtime career as an actress in Hollywood. Kirsten, whose been acting since she was a child, says that she’s been treated like the stepchild by those in the television and film industry.

    “Remember when ‘Marie Antoinette’ — y’all panned it — and now you all love it. Remember ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’? Panned. Now, you all love it. It’s, like, interesting for me. I feel a lot of things I do people like later … I’ve never been recognized in my industry.”

    Kirsten is 37-years-old, yet she has the portfolio of someone twice her age. She’s been in some of America’s favorites like: Interview with the Vampire, Jumanji, Spiderman, Hidden Figures, and of course, the classic, Bring It On.

    However, that’s about where all the hype ends for her. The actress has never won a major award, and barely even gets nominated for the chance to.

    “I’ve never been nominated for anything … maybe like, twice. For a Golden Globe [one] when I was little, and one for [TV series] ‘Fargo.’ I always feel like nobody … I don’t know, maybe they just think I’m the girl from ‘Bring It On.’”

    Kirsten should keep her head up though. She’s still young, and there are a lot of opportunities still coming her way. Currently, Kirsten has a starring role on the Showtime series “On Becoming a God in Central Florida,” reports Page Six.

    Now is it spotlight worthy…maybe. It’s all up to Kirsten to WOW us with her performance, if she really wants the taste of an Oscar that badly.

    Any thoughts? Do you think Hollywood ignores Kirsten Dunst? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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