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    Kawhi Leonard To Be Featured As Thanos Through The 2019 Playoffs?

    Kawhi Leonard has been sensation through the playoffs thus far. However, it will take much more than a great performance to beat the outside perimeter shooting of Golden State. In the end, if Kawhi overcomes the obstacle he will surely be the Thanos of the NBA.

    The Golden State Warriors are surely the favorites to beat The Raptors. Despite not having the executioner known as Kevin Durant currently in the rotation, The Warriors sound offense is still more than enough to be an instant problem for Toronto. Durant suffering his injury has forced the Golden State warrior to play without him in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. At the time the Warriors were in a battle with the starless Clippers. In the end without Durant, the Warriors were able to make short work of the LA Clippers.

    Kawhi Leonard Thanos

    Since LeBron joined the Miami Heat back in 2010, the main undertone has been multiple superstars. Having two or three superstars is needed in this era in order to compete for championships. This notion was proven flawed when Dirk Nowinski beat the star-studded Miami Heat in the finals. Since then we’ve seen an increase of teams built of prized stars competing for championship contention. The Warrior is the latest Superteam to preserve dominance in just about every facet of the game.

    In Kahwi Leonard’s first season as a Raptor, he is surely carrying the team with a dynamic regular season. In addition, his playing style is allowing him to showcase his skill set in the postseason. Leonard is the best two-way player in the game with his ability to shoot the ball well and shut down the opponents best players.

    In the playoffs, Kawhi has already broken the Raptor record for most 30 point games, and beat the Superteam of the Philadelphia Sixers, along with the Bucks. The former finals MVP will surely destroy the narrative of needing multiple Superstars if they Raptors win. Kawhi is a dream killer when it comes to facing multiple superstars, above all Kevin Durant and Boogie Cousins. The Warriors will need an all hands on deck performance to beat Kawhi and the Raptors.

    In conclusion, will Kawhi Leonard Thanos stop the Warriors from a three-peat? Will Kevin Durant return at some point in the finals? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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